New Slant ceramic skirting board

New Slant ceramic skirting board

Smusso Skirting Board, innovation starts at the edge
Some may call it a baseboard, experts will immediately notice whether the edge is sharp, pencil rounded or at the base. Ceramica Incontro's new Smusso skirting board takes a decisive step beyond tradition and is the new aspect for this detail, which is by no means secondary, that helps to convey taste and elegance to a wall and any environment overall.

Smusso: beyond the rounded edge
In the new Smusso slanted skirting board, the rounded edge is precisely cut at a 30 to 60° degree angle, just like a tiny 30°drafting triangle at the top of the skirting board.

Ceramica Incontro's new Ceramic Smusso skirting board: modern design and subtle light patterns
Pure simplicity and 100% Italian design: Ceramica Incontro's new Smusso slanted skirting board fits perfectly with modern interior design, where small details, such as the pleasant and minimalistic light patterns the discreet slanting of the skirting board produces, can make a big difference.

Distinguishing features: matt hues and 7x60 size
The idea behind Smusso is that it will convey a new visual experience, presenting an aesthetic choice and tidy appearance, which architects and interior designers can play with to create new environments. The interesting chromatic range features spot and solid colours: this choice lends itself to a minimalist design, without veining or baroque features. The size used is one often requested and appreciated in modern projects: 7x60 cm.

Smusso Skirting Board: Ceramica Incontro continues to look ahead
Ceramica Incontro's new Smusso slanted skirting board is part of the company's constant research into, and willingness to receive, constant new stimuli both in the Italian market and beyond.



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