Muretto di Puglia by Ceramica Incontro

Muretto di Puglia by Ceramica Incontro

Muretto, homage to Apulian farmers' dry wall tradition
When we think about dry walls or stone walls we immediately think about villages in the Mediterranean, where the light of their white stone gleams within a bright blue sky. This very special landscape is behind the idea of the new "MURETTO" product that Ceramica Incontro, an appropriately Apulian company, has developed, as a homage to this ancient tradition.

An innovative ceramic coating: Muretto, made up of 9x60 cm 
The stone itself works as the basis for an inspired visual composition. Dry wall has never ceased to cause strong emotional associations, despite being around for centuries and millennia.

Concealed cut fitting for 100% dry wall effect
Ceramica Incontro's new Muretto is able to convey a tactile feeling as well, owing to the digital relief printing of Apulian natural slate, which, with its four colours varieties, can recreate the varying nuances between one type of dry wall and the other.

Four stone styles, to brightly recreate the Apulian Muretto
There are four specific colour references: Trani's white stone, white lime stone, Trani's stone again but in a multicoloured version and grey lime stone. There are also 7 different texture variations, offering thousands of wall styling possibilities: this reflects how the clay-rich soil and karst, which prevails in the wide-open Northern Bari countryside, turned the local farmers into veritable masters of selection and expert arrangement of stones to make these walls. That same creative freedom is now handed over to architects and designers, who can design walls that are new and original every time. 

Muretto starts from Apulia but goes all over the world

The new coating was developed in response to the increasing interest and specific demand for this decorative style in Italy and various areas of the world, from the United States to the Middle and Far East and many other European countries.

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