FITTILE - Italian Tiles Design

FITTILE - Italian Tiles Design

Passion for innovation, study and research for new production processes are the reasons that led to the creation of Fittile, a new product line branded Ceramica Incontro.

Fittile is a small format covering- and pavement- product line of Ceramica Incontro. Fittile means “made of clay”, from the Latin word fictīlis. The name aims at honoring the thousand-year tradition of the Italian ceramic art.

Fittilecomprises three distinct projects: Stony, Oldy and Keel.

Stony is inspired by the earth, its crustand itsthousand-year old shell, with the purpose of evoking the idea of the primordial pebbly element. Available in three colors – Sabbia, Grafite and Lava – the Stony collection allows designers and architects to realize infinite solutions and customize theirenvironments. In fact, it is presentedin a casual mix of patterns, ensuring one-off and unique sequences.

The Oldy collection is meant to reproduce a vintage concept, inspired by the weaves of 1970s cloth and fabric, thus implicitly recalling a common past. TheOldy collection is presented in a casual mix as well, thus enabling a wide range of possible solutions. The collection is available in four colors:Cenere, Fango, Terra and Carbone.

The Keel collection is inspired by sea wood. It seeks to convey the effect of the sea strength thatsmoothes, scratches and changessea wood as time goes by, thus making its features and cavities unique. The Keel collection is offered in a casual mix and is available in three colors: Tundra, Savana and Foresta.

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